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Air Purifier

V/UHF Jammer30~500MHz communication jammer from C.T.S Technology


That  jamming systems are designed and manufactured to provide frequency jamming on communication networks in VHF and UHF bands.
These jammers are capable to provide jamming facility in single tone, multi-tone, sweep, smart sweep or smart jamming (look through), methods.
In permanent jamming, the jamming signals are permanent and continuously with specified steps on the target frequency.
In smart jamming the particular and specified frequency up to 7 [reset channels are intercepted and in case of activating, will be jammed simultaneously.] Eavesdropping and frequency spectrum faciliteis are available in this device. Out put power is adjustable up to 500W .The system is designed as a rack mount and can be used in fix stationary or vehicular stations.

Technical Capability:

  • TFT color LCD
  • Capability of scanning all band
  • Jamming capability in tone, Multi tone, Sweep, Smart sweep modes
  • Capability of jamming on active frequency in look through mode
  • Output power adjustable
  • Capability of using in Fix stationary and vehicular cases
  • Capability of networking and remote control
  • Capability of jamming on data, voice, and video signals
  • Capability of transmission of the saved files on floppy or CD (Database,…)
  • Capability automatic matching for Max. power usage and reduce return loss
  • Capability of monitoring frequency spectrum
  • Capability monitoring spectrum

Technical Specifications:
Frequency range :                       30~500MHz
Output power :                            adjustable upto 500W  or 1000W
Harmonic :                                   Less than -20dBc
Spurious :                                     Less than -60dBc
Frequency lock time :                   Less than 35 µs
Demodulation type :                    AM, FM, PM
Receiver Sensitivity :                   AM>12dB  7.5 KHz filter
-110dBm SINAD,
FM>20dB  30Khz filter
-112dBm SINAD
Max. band width in barrage:      1MHz (40 tone)
Jamming operation :                   automatic or manual
Jamming modes :                         Digtial
Max. pre adjust able channels:  up to 12 channels
Control unit :                                 Pentium II industrial computer
Monitor :                                        7.2” TFT LCD (optional 15 inch LCD)
Keyboard :                                     touchpad standard 101 key
Hard disk :                                    disk on chip (250Mb)
Base band source signal :          Noise, Tone, saved audio pattern, microphone
MTBF :                                          More than 1000 hours
MTTR :                                        20 minutes
Detection mode :                       CW, USB, AM, FMW, FMN
Antenna type :                          log periodic
Average antenna gain :            6dBi
Antenna VSWR :                       Max. 2.5:1
Temperature :                          Operating :-5ºC to +55ºC
storage: -30ºC ~ +70ºC
Humidity :                                90%@40ºC
Power supply :                        220VAC
Weight :                                   80 Kg

Source: V/UHF Jammer30~500MHz communication jammer

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