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Some Secrets To Glossy Beautiful Shiny Hair

Glossy hair is no longer the exclusive right of red-carpet beauties, it’s easy to achieve at home with just a few simple steps.Scroll through my secrets to thick, bouncy, shiny, beautiful human hair weave, now and forever!

human hair
1) Eat and drink to feed your hair
It’s no secret that what we eat and drink affects how our hair looks. Staying well hydrated all day long can keep your hair looking healthy and glossy. Eat well to bring out the beautiful shine and add foods that are known to be good sources of protein that can help build strong keratin- like avocado and egg yolks.
2)  Go for an extra day dirty
Over washing your hair will strip the natural oils and cause it to look, feel, and be, dry and more akin to breakage. This not only makes it look unhealthy, it actually is unhealthy. I tend to wash my hair about 3 times a week on average but if I can go an extra day, I most certainly will! Not only does it save me time, but it keeps my hair healthier to boot. Did grease get you down,
3) Use a leave-in conditioner
Regular conditioners are great, but if you really want to pump up the shine, Shorter recommends adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine. These come in both spray-on and lotion forms. Apply them the same way you do shine serum.Especially for curly hair extensions, just like virgin indian hair weave
, you need to give it more concern.
4) Spray on the shine
When your hair is dry, finish your look with a spray-on shine product. Shorter recommends spray mists made by Ojon and Pantene. Whether it comes in a pump bottle or aerosol can, a shine spray can be misted onto dry hair – no matter what texture it is – to give it an extra glistening effect.
5) Oils and serums
The right hair oil or serum can not only make your hair shine but also nourish it so that you can have healthy hair for longer. Quick tip: You only need a little, but make sure you apply it evenly to reap the benefits.
6) Get a glossing treatment.
If you really want to get your shine on, consider having a professional glossing treatment. These are often performed after a hair-coloring treatment, but you can get one without the dye job. “It’s designed to give you richer hair color with more depth, but it doesn’t actually have any pigment to it, ” says Shorter. A glossing is usually temporary, lasting about four to six shampoos, and glossing kits are available at some drugstores, so you can even try it out without hitting the salon.
Just as you change your clothes, makeup and skincare in warmer weather, your hair care, and styling routine needs to be switched up too. The following are common practices you should avoid during the summer if you want to prevent hair damage, no matter what hair you are, peruvian hair extensions or remy malaysian weave.
1) Don’t leave it loose and exposed
2) No tight hairstyles
3) Stop over-washing hair
4) Put down those heat tools
5) Don’t take a dip with dry hair
UNice Hair always be here with you!UNice Hair will fight for your beauty and fashion all! Beauty yourself! Show your best to your lover!
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Source: Some Secrets To Glossy Beautiful Shiny Hair

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