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Plasticcardonline provides Magnetic strips to Worldwide Customers at factory price

Magnetic stripe card

Loco magnetic strips (300OE)

Loco magnetic stripe card is perfect for short-term applications where top level high security and lasting card life are less of an issue. The magnetic stripes on these cards are more of a brownish tone, while HiCo mag stripes are nearly black in color. LoCo cards utilize a lower strength electromagnetic field and are utilized for a range of applications consisting of gift cards, membership and loyalty cards, transit passes, hotel space secrets, amusement park passes, grocery club cards, and much more.

Hico magnetic strips (2750OE)

Hico magnetic stirp card has actually now been completely embraced by the banking market and is likewise utilized in the bulk of access control applications. It must be kept in mind that the greater the coercivity, the more pricey the magnetic tape is. The key distinction is HiCo magstripe card is encoded with a more powerful magnetic field that makes them more ideal for safe and secure applications and for when the cards might be swiped more often.

So what should i chose, Hico or Loco,

The answer is Loco magnetic strip. Magnetic stripe readers are “blind” as to whether a stripe is HiCo or LoCo and are developed to check out both. LoCo magnetic stripe cards are perfect for most applications. 95% of our clients chose loco magstrip card. But if you run a bank, you need hico magstrip card of course.

magnetic swip card

Magstrip card encoding

Each magnetic strip card encoding consists of 3 tracks of details and the requirements and abilities of these is summed up as below.

Magstrip card

Magstrip card encoding
track 1

Magstrip card

Magstrip card encoding
track 2

Magstrip card

Magstrip card encoding
track 3

Magstrip card

Which track is the best to encode the information, 1, 2 and/or 3,

The answer is track 2, we can do seuqential or random number encoding according to client’s needs.


Magnetic swip card

Magnecti swip card for membership cards

A magnetic stripe card, which might read by “swiping” it in a reading gadget.
Each magstrip card from has a magnetic stripe that is encoded with a distinct serial number. The value of the magnetic strip card is not saved on the card however within the point of membership card software in the shop.
When the consumer returns with the card, the magnetic stripe is “swiped” or the human understandable characters are gotten in. The client might include added funds to the card or utilize its value to make a purchase.

Magnecti swip card for hotel door locks

Magnetic stripes are likewise utilized with lock systems such as hotel or institutional. The magnetic swip card is embedded in the back of a key card and the lock system encodes each card with the distinct code to get. You may contact your door lock system provider if you are not sure exactly what type of magnetic stripe or encoding your system needs. They can aid you with which kind of magnetic swip card will work best and the essential characters to be encoded for your certain system.

plastic card design

Magnetic strip card tempalte

clear card design guide pdf versiondownload

Click here for more downloadable templates designed by

Magstrip card price: (Including shipping to USA, other countries please contact sales)

Qantity / Unit Price
Loco magstrip card
Contact sales
Contact sales
Hico magstrip card
Contact sales
Contact sales

For large quantity or multiple custom options not sure about price or any questions about options that is not listed, please ask for Quote or Contact
Our sales team will quote and take care of your order.

Custom plastic cards make your business stand out!

Source: Plasticcardonline provides Magnetic strips to Worldwide Customers at factory price

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