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Hydrogen water generator how to change the modern life

Hydrogen  water has more than vitamin C, carrots, etc. all of the known human lecithin antioxidant antioxidant, on allergic dermatitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other symptoms caused by free radical has strong protective effect. Often drinking hydrogen rich water, can promote The new supersedes the old. in each cell. To maintain a healthy state, get rid of body rust, anti-aging.

According to experts explain,  hydrogen water drinking note the following matters:

1 healthy people how to drink

The unique molecular hydrogen hydrogen  water can remove free radicals in human malignant, has a good preventive effect on acute and chronic diseases caused by aging and various free radicals. Suggestions: early, late each 300ml such as the hydrogen rich water for daily life in the water, can effectively remove the body daily to produce a large number of malignant free radicals. The prevention of sub-health.

2 sub healthy people how to drink

Because of global water pollution, drinking clean water has become the first killer of human health. So the saphenous hydrogen  water is to ease the sub-health most ideal living water. Suggestions: early, late each 300ml such as the hydrogen  water as the daily life of water can be completely avoided health hazard! – 15 the 30 day, as a conditioning period.

3 drinking people how to drink

Drink in time to drink  hydrogen water to help the body as soon as possible detoxification:  hydrogen water can not only supplement the body needs water, water, hydrogen and alcohol to eliminate the role of the body.

4.How to drink detoxification

The human body after a night of metabolism, the body of garbage need a powerful external role to help excretion. Suggestion: early, late each 300ml, 7 – 15 days, for a conditioning cycle.

5. how to drink before and after exercise

Suggest exercise 2 hours before drink about 600 milliliters of hydrogen  water, this is because before exercise supplement water can improve the body’s ability to regulate heat. When a large number of sweat to sip, avoid the map is good in one gulp. Suggestions: exercise two hours before drinking 600ml, rest time (bag), drinking 300ml the end of the exercise for half an hour after drinking 600ml

6.High blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar patients how to drink

Hydrogen has a reduction effect. It is recommended that: early, medium and late each 300ml, 90 – 120 days, for a conditioning cycle.


Source: Hydrogen water generator how to change the modern life,

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