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How to Make Lace Frontal Look More Natural

Wigs have certainly evolved over time. Lace fronts closure in particular offer a very natural looking option, as the hair appears to be growing from your own scalp. Not that the wonderful wigmakers aren’t already doing a fabulous job, but we actually discovered quite a few ways you can tweak your lace fronts and make them look even more like your own hair.
If your lace frontal doesn’t have baby hair, how to make it look natural, Now we will share a video by Teaira Walker of how to make lace frontal look more natural for girls!Check out these simple tips!

Things you will need
Hair Brazilian or others, foaming lotion, toothbrush, comb, some clips, some clips, flat iron, tweezer
How to Make Lace Frontal Look More Natural on YouTube
1.Trim the excess lace off your wavy hair weave before you wear it. Often, this is something that the wig seller will do for you to ensure that it is a good fit. If not, just cut the excess off with sharp fabric scissors, leaving about a 1/4-inch strip of lace.
2.Use the wig glue to stick the hairline to hide your own hair which the color is not match with your own hair.
3.Then cut and style the wig to match with your face shape.
4.Have the lace dyed to match your skin tone, which will make the lace virtually undetectable and aid in the realistic look of your wig. To do this at home, you can use the eye shadow or concealer close in tone to your skin, and no darker. Dip a cotton swab into the dye and apply wherever the lace will be visible, such as around your hairline and at the part.
5.After done this you can use a tooth brush or just a comb to left some baby hair out of the wig but the the premise is the color is match with your own hair.
6.Use a wide-tooth comb and a vent brush for styling your bundles with lace closure, since both of these will reduce the pull on the hair. Go slow when removing tangles to protect your wig.
7.Hide your hair before you put on your lace wig or you will destroy the illusion. If you have short hair, you can simply pin your hair so that it is all against your skull. Long hair is most manageable it you fashion it into braids that hug your head. However you hide your hair, the goal is to have a relatively smooth surface for your wig to sit on.
8.Use the tweezers to carefully pluck out random pieces of hair. The main focus is to make a gradual fade from the hairline to the rest of the longer hair.Tweeze the hairline until you have reached your liking and preference.

Rules to follow when tweezing a part:

1.Don’t take out too much hair out because it will look like you are balding in that area.
2.Don’t make the part completely straight because that will cause it to look a little too perfect and unnatural.
3. Carefully cut the mesh lining around the perimeter of the . (I personally prefer using an eyebrow razors instead of scissors because the trim is not as blunt.)
4. Gauge how the ear to ear frontal closure looks and figure out where you want to place it.Your frontal should always, ALWAYS be near your natural hairline. A common mistake that people make is that they place the frontal far too low on the forehead, which causes the frontal to look very weird and unnatural.
Rules to follow when tweezing the hairline:

1.Use the tweezers to carefully pluck out random pieces of hair. The main focus is to make a gradual fade from the hairline to the rest of the longer hair.
2.Tweeze the hairline until you have reached your liking and preference.
3.Baby hairs should be very thin and short. Think about how fine your very own hairline may look.
Source: How to Make Lace Frontal Look More Natural

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