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Hair Dye And Perm: The Secret That All Women Should Know

About dye and perm, some secrets you may don’t know.Such as how long can we perm our hair weaving and what’s the right method to perm the hair so that you hair can use a long time and show your beauty are some secrets you should know.Professional advice: the dye and perm cannot do at the same time unless some urgent.

What’s the reason:
1. Firstly, hair coloring color effect will be poor if you have your dye and perm at the same time.You would better make them apart so that the color will more natural , beautiful and ca last a long time.
2. Next, your unprocessed hair bundles will get damaged more when you make dye and perm meanwhile, because the medicine together would engender double damage to the hair, no matter indian body wave 、peruvian straight、malaysian curly and so on.
3. whether a perm or hair coloring have a mistake, it may leave you a extremely terrible and ugly hair.
If you have to make them at the same time, please choose a dyeing product of good reputation, and remember to wait some time between you perm and dye.Besides, you should have psychological preparation that the result won’t be same as you expect before.
For the sake of your hair being healthy and nice, especially the indian wave hair and brazilian hair, for the reason of their texture, you should be sure to perm and dye hair separately, and remember the order is perm before and dye is the latter , the middle time is best interval around 1 month.
1. Hair loss can be reduced as much as possible if you let the hair rest for a period of time.
2.When perm the medicinal liquid will make the hair cuticle open, and then color it would be more easier, if dye the hair firstly and perm after, the hair cuticle open will lead to the loss of pigment.
3. The hair you perm may not be docile at first, after a month, you can have a slightly trimmed, and then dye will be more suitable for your hair.
1. For the maintenance of your pure virgin hair, the two perm interval at least 5 – 6 months.
2. New dyed hair, if you don’t love, you can not immediately re-infected. Two Hair Coloring interval should at least 1-2 months.
3. No matter perm or dye, both of them will cause damage to the body for some components of perming agents, so you must be sure your saclp without injury, and you would better not to scratch your head hard.
4. Hair dye and hair perm both use chemical agents, you must need to do a skin allergy test before for the unwanted damage. You can put a little medicine in the ear, especially who DIY dye hair by youself should pay more attention.
Source: Hair Dye And Perm: The Secret That All Women Should Know

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