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DC24V 2835SMD 840LEDs CCT LED Strip Light – Pure White+Warm White

DC24V 2835SMD 840LEDs CCT LED Strip Light - Pure White+Warm White

Universal dual color super bright Waterproof optional Dual Chip LED Variable Color Temperature high power LED flexible light strip.Dualsuper brightwhitecolors 2835 SMD flexible LED tape lights, Epistar chip, 560LEDs/roll, 16.4ft(5 meters)Per Reel By Sale.

Our brightest super flexible LEDdualwhite color light Strips soft and easy bent for installation. Available in 5 meters (197 in) flexible light strips with adhesive backing and can be stuck just about anywhere. can be cut into 14-LED segments, so you could cut a different length for your project and request.

This LED Light strip is perfect for retail shops, supermarkets, museums, galleries, photography or any indoor applications where presentation, appearance, and depth of color are critical, Suitable for the average home lighting as well as lighting professionals.

High color rendering index (+95 CRI) enhances vibrant colors more than traditional LEDs nearly matching the color quality of incandescents. 24V DC operation. Color temperature can be adjusted with Dual white CCT dimmers (sold separately) from 2500K to 6800K. –Connect LED Dual white CCT Dimmers.

Product Specification

LED Strip Type: SMD 2835

LED Chip: Super bright Chip

Working Temperature:-4°F (-20°C) ~ 122°F (50°C)

Storage Temperature:-40°F (-40°C) ~ 176°F (80°C)

Light Color: Warm White+Daylight White

Dimension: 16.4ft/roll,every 14 PCS LED can be cut

LED Quantity: 840LEDs per 5meter (16.4 ft)

Lifespan: 50,000+hours

Warantty: 3 years

Dimensions:L500cm(196.8 in ) x W1.0cm(0.39 in ) x H0.25cm(0.10 in )

Input Voltage(V): 24V DC

Working Power: 4.16A 100W/16.4ft Max

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 11~13lm/LEDs10080Lumens/16.4ft, 615Lumens/Ft, 100.8Lumens/watt

Color Temperature CCT(White): Warm White(2800-3500k),Daylight White(5000-6500k),Nature White(4000-5000k)

Beam Pattern:120 degree

Water Proof: Non-waterproof;Waterproof IP65;Waterproof IP67;Waterproof IP68 Optional

CRI (Ra>):95

Product Size:

Color Temperature And CRI

Choosing the correct color temperature lights for your project is very important, and as important as the brightness you choose.

Consider the look and feel you want your project to have.

What other color lights will be present, What material and color are the materials you wish to light,

CRI(Color Rendering Index) is a measure of how well a particular light source renders vivid, natural color. Lamps, led tubes, or led bulbs with an index of greater than 90 are generally considered High CRI light sources, and will make food, jewels, or any other product come alive with bright, natural color.

Waterproof Level Description

IP20Non-waterproof(The PCB [Printed Circuit Board] surface of the bare, with a self-adhesive back, For Indoor);

IP65Waterproof(Epoxy cover waterproof, Epoxy Resin, PCB surface is encapsulated with plastic Gel, with self-adhesive 3M back, For Outdoor & Indoor) ;

IP67Waterproof(Silicon sleeve waterproof, PCB is encapsulated with silicon tube, with a plastic fastener, better waterproof, For Outdoor);

IP68Waterproof(Fully waterproof plastic irrigation, PCB both surface and back are encapsulated with plastic Gel, with a plastic fastener, the top level of waterproof, For Outdoor);

The waterproof grade of IP65, IP67, and IP68 will affect the color temperature due to the material problem, resulting in an increase of about 1000K. If you want to purchase the waterproof LED strips and have requirements on the color temperature, please note when placing the order.

Installation Instruction

create_a_Large_flexible_led_strip_light_Installation.jpg create_a_Large_flexible_led_strip_light_Installation.jpg create_a_Large_flexible_led_strip_light_Installation.jpg

You can cut the strip every few inches,The back of the strip is fitted with a strong IP67/IP68 type which will come with

allowing you to freely design your project3M tape, allowing you to peel and stick lights mounting brackets

without worrying about space requirements to many different surfaces.

We sell led strips in spools of 32.8 Ft (10 meters). If you want to use with more than 32.8 Ft length, we recommend the following instruction:

Direct connecting

Multiple connecting

Two-way connecting

1. LED Strips with a direct connecting diagram


2. Multiple Strips connecting diagram


3. Strips with a two-way connecting diagram


4. You can also use our wireless controller,Multiple controller wireless matching synchronizations within 30 meters, can replace the traditional amplifier wiring

single color led strip light wiring diagram

5. How does it work


The basics are all the similar. You will need a led strip light, a power supply(PleaseDC24V 150W power supply), and a way to attach the two to make your lights turn on. The size and type of power supply unit will depend on the type of LED strip light, the length required, and dimming option required. We are always here to assist in your selection. You can also purchase a complete kit here. If you have any question, please let me know:


Trademark lighting Logo lighting

Channel letters lighting Lightboxes lighting
Landscape layout lighting Stage decoration lighting
Sign cabinets Channel lights
Cove LED lighting Edge lit signs
Canopy illumination Off-grid lighting

How to choose led strip lights

Step1: Get a clear vision! Because each project is unique, there is no all-in-one solution.

Different projects require different types of LED strips. When place order, please clear the following answers :

What will you be lighting,

This tape light can replace normal T8 tube or blub.

Where will it be installed (Indoor or outdoor),

Indoor or outdoor, This may be related to waterproof grade choose.

Do you want to dim your lights or control them with a remote or wall switch,

If you have dimmer, then you can use a remote controller or mobile APP to control and adjust your lighting.

What overall look do you want to achieve,

This lightings that you going to buy can be daily use or decoration use.

What color do I need,

This led tape light has warm white, daylight white, and nature white 3 colors, each color temperature is different, please choose the color you need.

What materials am I looking,

The material of this lighting is using recycled material, friendly to the environment, our product has a certificate of CE, RoHS, ETL, and TUV.

Are there other lights in the area and if so, what color are they,

In our company, we have asingle color,color changing RGBRGBWled strips,high voltage led strips,programmable full color led striplighting, please choose the lighting you like.

16.4/32.8 feet(5/10meter)Connection diagram


65 feet (50meter) Connection diagram


DC24V 2835SMD 840LEDs CCT LED Strip Light -  Pure White+Warm White
DC24V 2835SMD 840LEDs CCT LED Strip Light -  Pure White+Warm White
DC24V 2835SMD 840LEDs CCT LED Strip Light -  Pure White+Warm White
DC24V 2835SMD 840LEDs CCT LED Strip Light -  Pure White+Warm White
Source: DC24V 2835SMD 840LEDs CCT LED Strip Light – Pure White+Warm White

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