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Air Purifier

100KM UAV radar detector with 30km digital drone jammer all in one from C.T.S Technology

About radar

Development basis
GJB 74A-1998 《General specification for military ground radar》;
GJB 150A-2009《Environmental test method of military equipment laboratory》;
GJB 151A-1997《Electromagnetic emission and sensitivity requirements for military equipment and subsystems》;
GJB 152A-1997《Electromagnetic emission and sensitivity measurement of military equipment and subsystem》;
GJB 450A-2004《General requirements for equipment reliability》;

Functional indicators
(1) It can detect and track multiple batches of fixed wing (bayraktar) and multi rotor UAVs in real-time;
(2) It can output target information (range, pitch, azimuth, speed, threat), display target plot, track and radar status information
(3) It can record and save target plot track data and radar status data;
(4) It can play back the recorded plot;
(5) It has automatic admission function;
(6) With warning area setting and alarm function, it can manually set the area and alarm options, and provide icon flashing and sound alarm;
(7) Users can set the radar silent azimuth angle to avoid electromagnetic interference to peripheral equipment;
(8) It has the function of leveling and north seeking;
(9) Support preset several working waveforms for calling;
(10) Provide simulation and debugging interface for DSP, FPGA and other programmable chips in signal processing module
(11) The radar has self-test function and can feed back fault report, including signal processor and wave controller
(12) Have the ability to detect the earth and sea。

(1) Working frequency range: 9ghz ~ 10.2ghz (tentative))
(2) Radar system: pulse system
(3) Operating distance:100km(False Alarm Probability 10-6,detection probability 90%)。
a) Azimuth:
i) Phase sweep range:±30°
b) Pitch:
i) Mechanical adjustment range:0°~35°(Lean forward)
ii) Frequency sweep range:25°
(4) Close range blind area:≤1km
(5) Detectable target velocity:0-200km/h;
(6) Number of targets processed at the same time:≥100个;
(7) Leveling angle error of support platform:≤0.2°;
(8) North seeking angle error:≤2°;(External equipment and reserved interface)

About digital jammer:

Super range gps GLONASS  jammer

  • Jamming drones GPS or GLONASS navigation signal range up to 25KM all in one machine
  • Include GPS L1/L2,Include military and civil frequency GLONASS L1/L2,Include military and civil frequency
  • Jamming source :Cross digital jamming source
  • Jamming range upto 30Km direction

Source: 100KM UAV radar detector with 30km digital drone jammer all in one

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